Stunning Small Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning 44
Stunning Small Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning 44

20+ Stunning Small Tattoo Ideas For Men With Meaning

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Forearm tattoos for men are becoming more and more popular. They were previously only the domain of blue collar workers as a budding office worker would never be able to get a job sporting this tattoo – such is the prejudice that used to exist. Luckily, the situation is much different today than it was back then. In this article, I want to describe three different types of forearm tattoo design for you to help you make your mind up and get closer to getting your chosen tattoo done in the best way possible.

Tribal tattoos generally are extremely popular with men but this also applies to the forearm. For example, my brother’s first tattoo was a black tribal design on the underside of his forearm.The most common design in this area is a simple Polynesian tribal tattoo. These days, guys are becoming more and more versatile over where they place it. It is no longer just the top and underside of the forearm that is tattooed but some opt for the side instead, so that it is usually visible from any angle.

There are many different types of tattoo you can get here.One that works well here is an ambigram tattoo. These are those that looks the same whichever way around you look at them. As the forearm does not really have a standard orientation, this works very well for this spot on the body.

Otherwise, you need to consider the orientation of your design. If lengthways, do you want it to read the right way up to those looking at you as you rest your arms on a table or do you prefer it to look the right way round in your own eyes?Alternatively, you can have the writing read across the short width of your arm. Obviously, the writing will be much smaller this way.Some guys do not want the typical full coverage forearm tattoo and instead prefer something much smaller.Although considered feminine by some, star tattoos can be a good idea on the forearm. Otherwise pretty much anything will do. Though it should be said that small objects are not particularly suited to this part of the body


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